Our Process

If you think Red Bear Angels is a good fit for you, please share your deck to our Proseeder account, here. Once you’ve applied, please let our MD know with a quick note: meghan@rbangels.com.

The MD’s investment team will set up a 30-minute introductory chat. Our introductory chats are always on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, 1-3pm ET, and we will occasionally have members dial-in and listen for their own benefit.

The investment team will select 2 companies every 2 weeks to present to the Advisory Board. The board will vote whether or not to move to diligence. During the diligence process, RBA will reach out to you to fulfill our diligence checklist. (Check list is available upon request.)

After conferring with RBA members of relevant industry expertise, the Advisory Board will vote for the 2-3 companies that will be invited to present at the next monthly Pitch Event. Our monthly pitch events occur in NYC, Boston, SF and coming soon to other locations.

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General inquiries: info@rbangels.com

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