Introducing the new Red Bear Angels series, shining light on our fantastic members and their investment experience.

In 2017, only 2% of VC dollars went to female founders, and the average round size for a female founder is less than 50% of a male founder’s. Meanwhile, the First Round Capital ’10 Year Project’ reports women-led venture-backed startups generate a 35% higher ROI than their male counterparts.

We hear a lot about equal opportunity these days, especially in the world of venture, but the numbers have a ways to go.

Susan Danziger is one investor who is making sure we get there.

As a highly active angel investor and parity advocate, Susan’s investments span sectors but come back to a common thread of betting on strong female founders with conviction.

An entrepreneur herself, Susan is the founder & CEO of Ziggeo, the video recording and playback API & native SDK technology solution. This comes in handy, as Red Bear members always appreciate having an operator in the room to help vet investment opportunities.

We caught up with Susan to hear her thoughts on angel investing. Have a look!

RBA: Tell us about yourself in one tweet.

SD: I’m a founder and funder — founder of @ZiggeoInc and funder of other female-founded companies.

RBA: Tell us about one of your early angel investments. What did you learn from that? How would you have looked at that company differently today?
SD: I invested in Fertility Authority. I knew from the moment I met its founder, Gina Bartasi, she’d be an awesome founder. And I was right. A merger and subsequent sale made her company a big success. I’d support her all over again (and in fact continue to support her with her new company, Tech-Health).

RBA: What’s one thing you can tell about a founder (or company) in the first 30 seconds of meeting them?
SD: Whether she has the “either you’re with me or you’re not, but either way it’s going to happen” attitude.

RBA: What’s one common pitfall among folks who are new to angel investing?
SD: They’re too nervous to pull the trigger — and don’t trust their gut (is that 2 pitfalls?)

RBA: What’s one trend you’re seeing right now? What deals can we send you?
SD: I see a trend to less expensive, off-the-grid, community-based living.
Send me awesome female founders who plan to build a big business with me or without me.

RBA: The cliche VC question: What’s one truth you believe that most do not?
SD: Trust your gut — you’re probably right.