It is no surprise we are in an age when investors provide more value than ever before, not just to differentiate themselves, but more so because they want to leverage the arsenal of operational resources they have built in their own realms of expertise. When meshed with an active network of fellow experts ready for entrepreneur introductions, this operational experience truly hits that meaningful mark of “value-add.”

And what network is more active and engaged than the alumni of Cornell University?

The founding investors of Red Bear Angels came together about 18 months ago with a common goal that’s twofold: Be a resource to Cornell’s entrepreneurial community and in turn invest in those companies that make personal sense.

It’s not a sector thesis; it’s not a behavioral or cyclical hypothesis. RBAngels was built around the people who join them in the alumni network that has supported them along their own entrepreneurial endeavors. Consider it a ‘Talent thesis:’ Where else can you find a top engineering program next to entire colleges where 22 year-olds graduate as experts in hospitality administration, industrial labor relations, or agricultural management?

The entrepreneurial drive and resources that have quickly become more prevalent on Cornell’s Ithaca campus are even more tangible here in NYC, with every technical founding team that emerges from Cornell Tech.

There’s no better time than today to launch a formalized, proactively operating investment group that gives a wide variety of Angels access to the innovations tied to Cornell’s talent.

Welcome to Red Bear Angels; look forward to connecting with you!