We’re pleased to welcome Jerome Tse, President & founder of Berri Pro, to the RBA portfolio network. Jerome launched Berri Pro as a spritely, recent Cornell grad with the mission of introducing the world to his own healthy way of living.

berri proHaving overcome a severe health issue in his freshman year at Cornell, Jerome completely transformed his diet into one that’s not just pure but also sustainable. That’s how he came to Berri Pro: the first USDA approved plant-based (completely plant-based) fitness beverage.

Almost as soon as he launched in his company’s home turf of Santa Monica, Berri Pro became the #1 seller in all 7 of its Whole Foods locations, outpacing Vitamin Water sales by 4x. Attracting fan-favorite customersĀ from the NBA, NFL and more along the way, Berri Pro is now available in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.

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