The RBAngels network is snowballing (think we’re at ~275 now…), with more and more angel investors and entrepreneurial enthusiasts coming together to support Cornellian startups. Perhaps more exciting is that we meet with 5+ Cornell entrepreneurs per week, signaling how many ambitious, focused entrepreneurs there are coming out of the Cornell alumni network.

To further support this growth, we are fortunate to have brought on Eric Young to our Advisory Board.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.30.59 PMEric brings more than three decades of venture investing experience to RBAngels, having cofounded Canaan Partners in 1987. We look forward to leveraging his keen eye for enterprise software & cyber security, as well as his deeply rooted familiarity with venture cycles, great founders, early stage inflection points. You can find more on Eric here.

Welcome aboard @CornellVC!